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Pool Deck Design

 Pool decks are required for in-ground pools. State regulations require it. A minimum requirement around pools to satisfy code is a width of 4 feet. We normally build pool decks from one of three materials. Concrete and stone pavers are common, but increasingly travertine is chosen because of the high aesthetic quality it brings to a home.  One reason that individuals like to build their pool deck with higher quality stone, is because of the value it can add to your home for re-sale. Pool decks are a component of the overall hardscape of the backyard design, and "hardscaping" is one of our core strengths. Design possibilities are endless.


Travertine is a type of stone tile that is somewhat "softer" and easy on the feet. It is porous enough to be not so slippery. It is attractive (think marble), and comes in the lighter colors that you need for those bright hot days of summer. Light colors cool quicker since they reflect heat. Darker colors absorb heat. Travertine is a more expensive option at $18 to $20 per square foot.


Concrete is of course a mixture of cement and some sort of aggregate like sand or pebbles and can be colored somewhat to taste. It is a versatile material that can we can give a number of different surface finishes to-from smooth (not slippery smooth) to stamped with any number of designs.




Pavers can be made of concrete or they can be a manufactured stone product that are layed down to form the deck surface. The average cost using pavers would be 10-12 thousand for this component of the pool.

Pool Deck Renovation

Renovation and redesign of decks is something we can help you with. Perhaps the deck has become cracked or damaged. Or maybe you bought a house with a pool and you want to make changes. Let us take a look. We have experience and will guide you through your project.


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