The Benefits of Lighting Your Pool

Pool lighting can be a major or minimal design consideration depending on what the owner wants or needs. A pool can be a  grand showplace or it can simply be more of a place for the kids and their friends. But pool lighting at its minimum is a requirement for pool safety regulations. Pools must have at least one light. But, these days, lighting can be so much more.

Current LED pool lighting has so many options, and one of the options is that it can be soothing and sedated when you want that vibe or it can create a party atmosphere with disco effects when that's what you're going for. It's as easy as opening an app on your smart phone and using the software that controls it. Apps can control water temperature options as well.

But beyond those modern features, pool lighting can now be part of bubbling fountains (bubblers), sheet waterfalls beside the pool, and laminar flow fountains that we can install that shoot a crystal clear stream of water with light effects seemingly moving and embedded in the stream. Those are really incredible to watch.

Of course the more lighting, the more cost. For modest installations in the average pool, expect to have a minimum of one or two lights in the pool and one in a spa, if a spa is part of the pool design. For additional lights budget $500 to $1500 .


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