Climb in the Spa and Relax

A spa in the pool area can be a luxurious addition to a backyard hardscape. Those water jets on the lower back, calves, and feet while sitting in that nice warm water can revive a person!

A stand alone in-ground spa can be thought of as a miniature pool in most respects. A lot of the same considerations must be planned for. Cables for electrical conduit and water pipes must be placed in the ground, as well as the spa itself. Pumps, heaters, and filters must be considered.


For concrete pools with Pebble Tec the process is similar to constructing a pool but obviously the process would be a tad quicker with less labor time. Fiberglass spas--very quick. With a manufactured fiberglass spa much of the labor was done at the factory. Decking and utility installation time could be similar though.















Some things we might ask about in the design phase might include the number and placement of water jets, the size and shape of the spa, lighting placement, and water features desired. There are many color choices and finishes available to chose from.

Typically a spa can seat 5 to 8 people with inside dimensions of 8 feet and outside dimensions of 10 feet, although, the sky is the limit for how big you'd like to get.


Are you worried that your lot would be inaccessible for a pre-built fiberglass Spa? In many cases a fiberglass Spa (and pools) can be lifted over a house with a crane. That would be a sight wouldn't it? A feat like that is a regular occurrence at Phillips Pools.


If you are building a pool with a spa feature included as part of the pool the cost would be lower because the underground cables for utilities and the labor costs would only be incrementally more. The pool-spa could share some of the machinery required to keep it going (pump, filter, chlorinator, heater, etc).  Expect to pay $18,000 to $30,000 for a new in-ground spa.


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