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A water features is a great way to add some elegance to the pool area or even just a great feature without a pool! We can give a water feature to any home!  Being near a bubbling brook or stream can transport your mind to a peaceful place and also be the "wow" factor of your home at parties.


Some of the pool incorporated water features are:

Water Falls: Just like it sounds, a waterfall spills out from a horizontal spout placed on a tiled or decorative wall near the pool.

Spillover Spas: Spillover spa: An integrated custom-designed spa that is raised above the pool, serving as a sort of utilitarian water feature as it spills or trickles into the swimming pool.

Laminars: Often called deck jets, laminars arestreams from these jets can project outward 8 feet and reach a height of 7 feet.  These uniform arcs can be designed to originate from the decking or hardscape around your pool or the landscape that surrounds it.  They project into your pool, spa, fountain, or any other water feature. You can program them to arc any color into your pool.

Rain Curtains: A narrow and often wide sheet or curtain of water usually mounted on a wall, pergola roof, or overhang, that falls into the pool.

Scupper:  A scupper is a slot or spout that is attached to a wall or pedestal. Water flow styles include chute, trough, and sheet. 


We also install water features unrelated to pools:

Here is a partial list of water features we can build:

  • Cascading falls

  • Pondless, recirculating water features

  • Fountains

  • Coy Ponds

A few practical things to consider include: size, the effect of nearby trees, debris control, proximity to electrical, the geographical positioning related to the house. Regarding its sound, especially with cascading or splashing features, how loud should it be?  Phillips pools only installs water features-- we do not repair old ones. If you have any questions related to water features or would like a quote, contact us!


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